Shivam Parikh Project 4

Morphing and Mean Faces

For the first part of this project, I used images of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth (Captain America and Thor) to morph one into the other.

The Midway Image Looks Like This. T=AX, I calculated T and performed (T^-1)X to get A and then interpolate points.

For generating the meshes, I used the matplotlib function ginput and then wrote a secondary function to add the corner points.

The average mesh overlayed on top of Chris Evans.

To generate the caricatures, I weighted the average with values 1.5

The caricatures look pretty bad shape wise, I think because of the wide angle of my iPhone camera along with a difference in shape of face.
Below, I included an image of the average morphed to my face shape, and my face shape morphed to the average.